Know How Art of Blending - La Fiole

The Art of Blending

Like a perfumer in front of his or her perfume organ, the art of blending wines is without question an exercise that requires discipline, experience and know-how.


With wines from different terroirs, plots, years and winemaking styles, it takes time to recreate the taste markers that
have contributed to the legend of the La Fiole wines.  We build the foundations for the blend first through the selection
of particular plots, those with the best exposure and corresponding to the style of wine being sought.

Then, with gentleness and respect for the grapes, we begin the vinification and ageing processes, which will also influence
each wine that will compose the final symphony. Tasting, adjusting and ageing are all tools that allow us to perpetuate
the unique and consistent taste of the Fiole du Pape over the decades. Thanks to this experience in selection and blending,
the Fiole Côtes du Rhône and Fiole Réserve are part of a process of excellence that includes a careful selection of terroirs
and villages.

This know-how is now being passed on to the younger generations, under the kindly and instructive eye of Christine,
who was herself trained in this art by the previous generation.